Featured |  5 July 2022

Event Ecological emergency: responding to the challenges of transition in the food industry

Xavier Poux, AScA, associate researcher at IDDRI, at the end of the presentation of the prospective Ten Years For Agroecology

On July 5, 2022, the Planet-score collective organized an event dedicated to environmental transparency in the agri-food sector.

The presentation and the press kit  of the event.

Documents also linked to this conference: Press kit and Press release from Les Fermiers de Loué, Press release from PADV and 4per1000, presentation by Omie & Cie , presentation by IDDRI .
At the beginning of the school year, you will find video extracts of the event.

150 registered participants came to share, to testify and to be inspired!

Under the guidance of Emery Jacquillat, President of the Business Community at Mission, a variety of actors discussed the possible trajectories for the ecological transition of the food industry and testified to the way in which the Planet-score makes it possible to act. The companies that have started to use it for eco-design, and to deploy it for consumer visibility have shared their feedback.

Rich testimonials and perspectives were given by distributors, manufacturers, actors in the field and producers, NGOs, consumer associations, researchers and student groups committed to the ecological transition. Everyone made an important contribution to show the path, and the capacity that we have, collectively, to meet the challenges of the environmental transition of the food industry. Soon there will be a summary available on this page.

  • Emery Jacquillat, President Business Community at Mission
  • Olivier Andrault, Food Project Manager UFC-Que Choisir
  • Cécile Claveirole, National Secretary France Nature Environment
  • Agathe Gignoux, Head of Public Affairs CIWF France
  • Amélie Bajolet, Director Bee Friendly
  • Effisciences collective, ENS students
  • Déclic collective, students at Sciences Po Paris
  • Ecological Awakening collective
  • Karine Viel, Sustainable Development Director Monoprix
  • Allon Zeitoun, Managing Director Naturalia
  • Marie-Estée François, Quality Commitment Coordinator Franprix CSR
  • Guillaume Hannebicque, Brand Director Léa Nature
  • Alix Renaud, Development Manager Olga
  • Coline Burland, Co-founder and Offer Director Omie & Cie
  • Pierrick de Ronne, President Biocoop
  • Sébastien Loctin, Spokesperson Collectif En Vérité
  • Jérôme Caillé, Breeder and Administrator Terrena
  • Anne Trombini, Director For A Living Agriculture
  • Paul Luu, Secretary General 4 per 1000 initiative
  • David Garbous, Founder and CEO Positive Transformation
  • Benoît Drouin, Breeder and Vice-President Les Fermiers de Loué
  • Félix Noblia, Peasant Researcher
  • Xavier Poux, AScA, Associate Researcher IDDRI, presenting the prospective Ten Years For Agroecology
  • Sabine Bonnot, Spokesperson Planet-score

The Planet-score is a label designed to support and accelerate the ecological transition of agriculture and food. It gives citizens the keys to understand the real environmental value of food products, with a clear, demanding label that prevents any greenwashing. It helps companies to eco-design their products, and to communicate their improvement trajectories in transparency.
The rating appeals to consumers and more and more economic players and its deployment in France and in Europe pursue digital and on-pack display.

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