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Why support the planet-score?

The Planet-score is an independent environmental food labelling device.

Its objective is double:


Consumers must be able to make their purchases in conscience, the Planet-score provides them with clear information - guaranteed 0 greenwashing - on products.


The Planet-score makes visible and enhances the progress made by producers and agri-food companies, in order to make the offer evolve towards more virtuous practices for the Planet.

The Planet-score was born from the desire for transparency of scientists, NGOs, student associations and consumer associations, guided exclusively by the general interest and based on the concept of planetary limits.

The collective dynamic that carries the Planet-score today raises mountains. We wish to make the Planet-score accessible to all, and thus give relevant keys to citizens to choose and to companies to act. The Planet-score is the only tool which has the capacity to transform the practices of the food industry for a real ecological transition.

Why make a donation?

If you want to accelerate transparency and contribute to the growth of Planet-score, support us by making a donation to Planet-score. Each contribution, big or small, reinforces our capacity to act collectively and independently for a real agricultural and food transition, from the farm to the fork.

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